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ccurve_bpiimg_01_300x250A headache is more than a ache in your head. It involves other parts of your body, too. At the core of your problem may be your spine, which often gets pushed out of alignment by poor posture, injury or bad sleeping habits. This  may eventually  lead to a tension or migraine headache. Certain  substances, such as caffeine, alcohol, or cigarettes, can also contribute to migraine headaches.

Your spine’s three natural curves gives your body flexibility it… Continue reading

What is a headache?

Headaches are the body’s alarm system. You body is telling you something’s out of balance. Pain relievers may temporarily turn off the alarm switch, but usually don’t put out the fire. Your chiropractor, however, can diagnose your type of headache, often tension or migraine, treat its underlying physical causes, and help you learn how to prevent headaches in the future. Continue reading

A00311F01Sciatica describes persistent pain felt along the sciatic nerve, which runs from the lower back, down through the buttock, and into the lower leg. The sciatic nerve is the longest and widest nerve in the body, running from the lower back through the buttocks and down the back of each leg. It controls the muscles of the lower leg and provides sensation to the thighs, legs, and the soles of the feet.

Although sciatica is a relatively common form of… Continue reading

Why Foot Levelers

Would you wear eyeglasses that weren’t prescribed for you? Or take an over-the-counter drug for a problem that requires a prescription drug?Of course not — you take care of your health and do what is right for your overall well-being. – See more:

footlevelersSupport for your entire body

Most orthotic companies only support one arch. When only one arch is being supported the problem shifts to another part of your body. Stabilizing Orthotics support the three interconnected… Continue reading

Biofreeze helps you do more. With less pain.

Biofreeze Pain Reliever is the most frequently used and recommended topical pain reliever by healthcare professionals.

untitledBiofreeze provides penetrating, long lasting relief from arthritis, sore muscles and joints, and back pain. It’s unique menthol containing formula penetrates quickly,  preventing or relieving pain through cold therapy. Biofreeze is 100% paraben-free and propylene glyol-free.

Available at Creekside Chiropractic & Physical Therapy.

You have a major role in the success of your treatment program.  Follow these rules and you will see better results and your adjustment will last longer.

Suggestions to follow during spinal correction

  1. Avoid rubbing, probing or “poking” in the areas your doctor adjusts.
  2. Avoid sudden twists or turns of movement beyond normal limits of motion, especially of the neck.
  3. Avoid extreme bending of your spine in direction; avoid stretching, reaching, or other overhead work. Be particularly careful when… Continue reading
3 Phases Of Spinal Degeneration

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Years of stress and too much use and abuse can cause your spine to degenerate, or wear out. Joint inflammation (arthritis) may result. Joints may also lose alignment and discs can wear down. Any may start to feel pain and stiffness.

In the textbook normal spine, the disc spaces are equal and there are no visible signs of degenerative changes.

Three Phases of Degeneration

Phase I

In Phase I of spinal degeneration, the alignment of the… Continue reading

Physical TherapyPhysical therapy involves the interaction between therapist(s), patients or clients, other health care professionals, families, care givers, and communities in a process where movement potential is assessed and diagnosed and goals are agreed upon.

Physical therapy is performed by a therapist and sometimes services are provided by a physical therapist assistant (PTA) acting under their direction. Physical therapists and occupational therapists often work together in conjunction to provide treatment for patients. In some cases, physical rehabilitation technicians may provide physiotherapy… Continue reading

A Brief History Of Chiropractic

stk_logoThe first recorded chiropractic adjustment was performed on September 18, 1895, by Dr. Daniel David Palmer, a Canadian-born teacher and helter. Dr. Palmer was, at the time, studying the cause and effect of disease. His patient was Harvey Lillard, a janitor working in the same building as Dr. Palmer in Davenport, Iowa. Mr. Lillard, who had complained of hearing problems for over 17 years, allowed Dr. Palmer to examine his spine. Dr. Palmer discovered a… Continue reading